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Image Restoration More Than Cosmetic

Restoring your precious memories is one of the best ways of preserving your history. Whether it is a family image or one of scenery or buildings or events photographs are an integral part of how people remember.


There are thousands of photographs lying around in packets stored in sheds, cupboards and under beds. Some of them go back over 100 years and deserve to be restored.

These photos are, more often than not, your family’s history and should be given a new lease of life, so that future generations can enjoy them.

Our specialty is to restore these images, be they colour or black and white (sepia), so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Rod Lawson Kerr
Photo Restorations

About the Rod

Rod has been involved in the photographic industry for over thirty years and developed his restoration skills in the early eighties. As this was well before the technology we take for granted these days, the process involved making a negative, using a colour chart to enable the printer to produce an accurate print, followed by a print the same size as the original after which the repair work was carried out using pencils and a special spray to provide bite for the colour pencils. In order to restore an old photograph to reflect the original image’s qualities, it is necessary to understand the way silver halide based material work and how they react to being scanned or photographed, as well as how the restored image transfers to the new digital technologies.

“Rod's work is impeccable, he seems to be a master of breathing new life into photos that make the memories that much more vivid, thanks Rod”

Ian Lane
Jane Smith

“I highly recommend Rod for any Photo restoration and printing work.  We have been really happy with our results.”

S. Guy
Shane Melaugh

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